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I love traditional looking ’32 Fords and Gilmore Gasoline memorabilia. To create this scene I worked from black and white photos of old gasoline stations and then changed all the signage to the Gilmore brand. Over the years the Gilmore name has become synonymous with “Hot Rod” and many rodders (including me) run the Gilmore Red Lion on the back widow of their cars. So while we never had Gilmore gasoline in Colorado (Gilmore gasoline was sold primarily in California and Oregon until 1945) I put “Englewood “ on the building because my studio is in Englewood, Colorado and the ’32 is a local Englewood car. The all-steel five window (which I photographed in a parking lot) was chopped by its owner and runs a very strong flathead motor! With modern cooling systems it no longer over-heats as such cars did in the “good old days”.

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print from an edition of 1800 copies, 13.5” x 20", $150
Also available,100 extra large Artists Proofs measuring 20" x 30", for $250 each