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In this painting artistic license has been employed to depict a scene typical of early Bonneville and Dry Lakes racing. The Gus Automotive RPU has been used to trailer the King & Hanson belly tank to Bonneville for an attempt at breaking and setting new records. Don Montgomery states, in his book Authentic Hot Rods, "this tank ran in the A Streamliner Class using a V8-60 with Edelbrock manifold, filled heads, Winfield cam and Kong Ignition. It's best time in 1948 was 112.92 mph. They usually finished second in the class behind the record holder Alex Xydias and the So-Cal Speed Shop tank." Seen in the background is the Palm-Conkle class B roadster that set a best time of 134.73 mph in 1948. The Gus Rollin's RPU has recently been resurrected to look just as you see it in the painting by Custom Automotive of Loveland Colo. The belly tank still exists in amazingly well preserved condition awaiting future restoration.

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints are available from an editon of 500 prints measuring 18" x 27" for $150.00 each plus shipping.