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I photographed these two coupes in parking lots in two different locations two years apart and then put them together in this painting to create a scene that every hot rodder dreams of finding – the mythical old car stored in the barn! The plates on the “barn fresh” ’32 three window indicate that it was last licensed in 1941. The Colorado plate on the ‘32 five window dates the scene as 1958 and the souvenir license frame shows that the coupe’s owner was at Bonneville in 1957. The five window as photographed, had a small block Chevy engine. I changed the engine to a Desoto Hemi for my painting. The background is Lake City, Colorado. As with all of my paintings there is a ton of detail and the more you look the more you see!

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print from an edition of 950 copies, 16” x 20", $150
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