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The Ferrari featured in this print is one of five 335S cars built in 1957 to contest the World Championship in sports car racing for Ferrari. The 335S featured a 4 liter, 4-cam, 24-valve, twin ignition V-12 and a rear-mounted transaxle. #0764 was the only one built with the characteristic "pontoon fender" style of the 250 Testa Rossa, as the others had the more modern envelope fender style. This deviation is considered to have been used because the car was intended to race in Caracas, Venezuela at the championship race there, and the added cooling for the front brakes was thought necessary in the hot climate. It apparently worked, as the car won, helping to cinch the 1957 Championship for Ferrari. During 1958, #0764 and the other remaining three 335Ss were rebuilt at the factory and sold to privateers. The pontoon-fendered "Speciale" #0764 was delivered to Texan Alan Connell by Luigi Chinetti in early 1959 and he used it successfully in SCCA racing that year, in addition to a 250 Testa Rossa he used to win that year's class 'D' Championship. #0764 is well known in vintage racing circles today.

Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints from an edition of 500 copies,
16"x17 size $150,
Also available, 100 Oversized Artist's Proofs measuring 20"x22", $300 each